Welcome to Welbeck!

I’m in the process of rejuvenating our website, exciting plans in prospect – like many of you I seem to be running to stay still in response to COVID-19 and delivering support through working with other organisations seems to have taken precedence over rewriting my website – ah well, Summer 2020 and I’ll be blogging away with the best of them


Rachel Cooper

Just a few words to keep us going till the site is properly updated…

I set up Welbeck in 2014 working with small to medium charities and social enterprises – taking the fear out of finance, so everyone can make effective decisions based on good information.

The business has built up on lean principles – the services I currently offer are:

  • training for staff and trustees on budgets, financial management, finance strategy and other delights
  • part-time and interim senior finance posts
  • ad-hoc consultancy and advice
  • independent examinations

I will also be setting up Action Learning Sets based around finance issues in Spring 2020.