Welbeck takes the stress out of finance, so that you can get on with delivering your activities.

I believe that if you can manage your project or organisation, you can manage the finances for it. I am here to take the fear out of finance so that you can have more independence, more security, and more control over the future of your organisation.

In my experience, finance is an area which can cause a lot of stress and fear, and can often feel inaccessible to small and medium sized charities and social enterprises. I established Welbeck in 2014 as a bridge between arcane accountancy jargon and conventions, and third sector organisations who don’t feel their numbers are working for them.

My services have been developed over the years based on what support people have needed, the questions they hadn’t previously felt able to ask, and the information they need to be able to focus on their missions.

Your numbers should help you to make good decisions for your organisation, and give you confidence to move forward with your plans and ideas.

As in our personal lives, where finances play a key role in making decisions (can we get a takeaway / go on that holiday?), our financial position should always be considered when making decisions in our organisations.

A key part of my approach is helping people to find their way with finances – building knowledge and confidence to feel more in control, and more able to use the numbers in decision-making and planning.

I can help to lift the fog, allowing you to see the patterns and stories in the numbers and work with your finances, rather than alongside them. I meet you wherever you are – whether that’s starting with the absolute basics or refining what you already have in place.

There will be particular times when your organisation’s normal way of operating needs a refresh – it may be times of growth or contraction, when a different sounding board or new perspective can make all the difference.

Whatever stage you’re in, we can work together to make your money work for you.

Rachel Cooper, BSc(Hons) ACA

Rachel is a chartered accountant with over 25 years’ experience working with charities and social enterprises of all shapes and sizes, but she is at her happiest working with small charities. She has enjoyed some really great roles throughout her career, and now appreciates the opportunity to share her knowledge, and support others to learn and grow.

“I still get to do the things I find fun, for organisations I believe in and that interest me – what more can you ask?”

Rachel lives in Southampton and is enjoying life – just rediscovering going out, she loves reading, walking, cooking, and doing a lot with her family, who she really likes!